Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Modern Day Crucible

In April, 2012, I gave a presentation at Tri-C about how the Lisa Pruett investigation was hijacked by a group of Shaker Heights teens.


  1. So what's going on with this? Any new information?

  2. What a shame this case has not been solved yet. I think Kevin was the scapegoat because he was not liked by many. I winder do the police still have Lisa's bike. If so they need to check it for fingerprints if they have not done so already. I wonder did Lisa make it to Dan's house for the party that night.

  3. James, ive followed your work on other cases and this one has me super curious... any new information ? Dan sure seems like an odd fellow after looking around his website and youtube channel.. any hope of it getting re-opened?