Police Reports

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Dan Dreifort's Threatening Letters

Statement of Dan Dreifort

Statement of Dan Dreifort #2

Statement of Jean Dreifort

Statement of Chris Newell Jones

Statement of Rebecca "Becca" Boatright

Statement of Kim Rathbone

Statement of Ken Workman

Statement of Jonathan George

Statement of Jennifer Margulies

Statement of Shane McGeee

Statement of Kevin Young

Statement of Kevin Young 2

Interview with J. Talbot Young

Suggestions from FBI on how to question Kevin Young

Transcript of Call Between Chief Brosius and Dr. Murray Miron

Interview with Kevin Young

Report on Evidence Search

Polygraph Supplement

Evidence Logs (including erroneous date for Young home search)


  1. Will the statements from other people taken during this time also be posted?

  2. After reading most of the statements, I'm shocked how someone could not see that a circle of friends framed the „outsider“/“odd kid” as the murderer...

    The 3 Statements of the Dreifort Family seemed coerced and too coherent...Especially, all this stuff about the shoes: “My son had to go out first, because I was naked and had no shoes...”

    Also: Was it really possible that father and son could communicate between those two rooms? Has someone tested that? The son describes there was a wall/closed door between them and there also was a witness who stated that you could not hear the traffic in the Dreifort house when the TV was on...Indicating thick walls...

    ...Maybe there was a party this evening and things got out of hand...???
    Some of the juveniles seemed to be hiding at least something: Kim Rathbone told she heard the scream of an unidentified girl, but was asleep during the police search in front of her house??? It also looked like Rathbone had made the connection (that the girl was Lisa) in the night of the murder and not the day after...Why did she know who the victim was???

    Then there were all those accusations around Dans Father...He was described as a dictator, Hitler and a very manipulative and angry man who had a crush on his sons girlfriend and Jonathan George considered him as the actual murderer...

    Dan seems to be a very depressed teenager with anger issues and a slight addiction to alcohol and codeine......
    But I do not get the impression that he is capable of stabbing his girlfriend from behind and then covering it all up...Why should he do this???

    Scenario 1) There was a meeting of a few friends at midnight and they celebrated Dan's freedom with tons of alcohol and cough medicine...The party got out of hand and in a state of psychosis he stabbed his girl friend, because he was convicted someone attacked him...Does not seem to fit---So who else had a motive?
    Why did his father cover it all up?
    How could Dan get sober so quick and present a convincing statement a few hours later after the murder...?

    I just think there were more people involved and Dan did not act alone -if at all..

  3. This whole case is weird an full of circumstantial evidence, but Dan just doesn't seem to fit the profile of a murderer. He was just a quirky, troubled kid.

    Look at the lives Kevin and Dan have led since the murder. Dan seems to be a successful businessman, while Kevin is leading a tortured life roaming the streets of Cleveland Heights.

    Read Miron's analysis and Kevin's interview with the detective where he places himself in the murderer's shoes.

    I don't think this case will ever be solved (as evidenced by the lack of updates to this site) and nobody can say with any degree of certainty who committed this horrible crime. But I think to make the conclusion that Dan Dreifort was involved based on the evidence is as much of a stretch as concluding Kevin Young did it.

    If I were in Dan's shoes and knew I was innocent, there's no way I'd agree to relive this tragedy to a wannabe crime sleuth.

    1. "But I think to make the conclusion that Dan Dreifort was involved based on the evidence is as much of a stretch as concluding Kevin Young did it."

      First of all, I could be wrong, but I have not read anywhere that James has stated that he has "come to the conclusion" that Dan was the murderer. He has simply presented all the facts of the case, and pointed out inconsistencies and problems, and said he wants the case reopened.

      That aside, someone close to the victim is most likely to be the perpetrator of a murder, especially such a personal attack. Let's see:
      Dan was her boyfriend, she was supposed to meet up with him that night and she was murdered right outside of his house. He seemed weirdly unaffected by the fact police were looking for his girlfriend who might have been attacked, and just went to sleep. He had past history of mental health problems, he had recently sent her creepy, somewhat threatening letters warning her to stay away from him when he first gets released, and the day he gets out, she is murdered. Now, now of that is incontrovertible proof that he did anything, but it's certainly a lot more potential evidence than what the police had on Kevin Young. It meets the basic standard for suspect consideration; he had both the motive and the opportunity to commit the crime.

      If you think that viewing him as a viable suspect is as much of a stretch as Kevin Young, well... I don't even know what to say. Certainly, if you think that because Dan 'seems to be a successful businessman' and Kevin is struggling in life somehow is a reflection on whether or not they could have murdered someone, then facts and logic are probably lost on you.

  4. I was a student at Shaker and had known Lisa since elementary school. I was heading to the high school when the news broke of Lisa's murder. When I arrived at school, I was at my locker which was close to the Aldersyde Road entrance, Dan Dreifort was literally walking down the hall punching lockers, completely enraged. One of the security guards quickly ran over and pulled me away while other security guards had to grab Dan and calm him down. I followed Lisa's trial everyday. I have always had my thoughts of who killed her. And Kevin is probably a loner because his life was ripped apart during the trial and Dan was immediately cleared. To go to bed while your lifeless girlfriends body lay in your driveway? Seems crazy to me. I always thought there were holes in this case. I remember hearing that Dan was in bed listening to music when he heard the screams but ignored them then looked at his clock realizing Lisa hadn't made it to his house yet. I truly hope the case is reopened. Lisa deserves justice and the right person needs to pay. RIP Lisa.

  5. too bad someone didn't grab the video game system and game cartridiges from Kevin Young's house. Nintendo programmers could look at internal logs of what game was played, for how long at what time. We would at least know if someone was playing during the time of the Young's alabis. I also do not think you can call Driefort's dad overbearing and manipulative if he allowed these crazy parties to carry on at his house without knowing. Dans behaviour mimics someone who feels guilty because he arranged for lisa to be there by throwing the party. His initial coverup and the other kids mimics teenagers covering up a party. I am guessing cleveland police put usual squeeze on all the kids so if there was a group involved someone would have cracked. of course this is clevelands noble area so young kids with expensive attorneys. as for cleveland police can anyone say DNA testing? yes this was 20 years ago but evidence is still around as is suspects.

    Hope this helps.


  6. I don't like the way the police made up their mind that it was Kevin so early in the case, and the fact that it seems that Dan's friends were flailing trying to find someone else to blame to get the police off of Dan and chose Kevin. It appears that he's a loser basketcase to them, even though both had mental health issues.

    They don't seem to have any real evidence, where is the weapon? Where is the bloody clothes or shoes? Probably because they didn't look farther than Kevin. They should have found out who were her real enemies, who was envious of her etc. Or it could have been random, some creep who is driving around and sees her on her bike and followed? I hope there is eventually someone convicted for this murder.

  7. What a Shame that Shaker Heights Police has not solved this murder. I was at Shaker Heights High School at the time of this. I did not know Lisa, but it was very, very sad. I just knew for sure that this murder would be solved asap. Poor Lisa, rest in Peace. i hope your killer is caught soon and justice is served.

  8. I agree with Anonymous, above. I don't think that Dan is the killer. All anyone has against him is supposition. As far as Kevin goes, he seems to be socially inept and maybe have some anger problems. Neither one seems like a cold blooded sociopathic murderer to me.

    I haven't read all of the statements, but one thing jumped out at me immediately. In all of the police statements, both first and last names are used -- except for "Tex." He is never referred to by his real first name and I never saw any reference to his last name.

    Who is Tex and why does he get such special treatment in these reports. He seems like an important character because he was one of the few people who knew about Lisa's plans for the night.

    Does anyone know?

    1. Oh boy... if you haven't read all the statements, why would jump to the conclusion that Tex is never referred to by his real first name or that their is never any reference to his last name? Considering it appears you don't know what his first or last name even are, why would you even jump to that conclusion? You're assumptions are wrong on both accounts. "Tex" is referred to as "Tex Workman" more than once by the teenagers, and is clearly identified as "Ken Workman" otherwise in the statements. Even without a clear sentence in the statements that says "Tex = Ken Workman", he is referred to as Deb Dreifort's boyfriend throughout the statements using both monikers.

  9. To have Kevin Young fingered by Dan's friends as a suspect with no real reason, my guess is the murder was a group effort - particularly Dan and Kim (her statements sent up red flags all over the place for me).

  10. In lieu of the jon bonet ramsey re-emphasis, perhaps CBS can restart this murder. Where are the DNA tests? When can the public or a CBS type of group review all the police evidence? Why is this case buried?

  11. And now Kevin is dead, so there goes another piece of the puzzle.

  12. I have reviewed the statements et al..I agree with "Unknown" and "Anonymous" that this case should be re-opened. I have no stake in this, but this case is puzzling. What with the new testing of old rape kits in CLE and the ever popular "Nancy Grace" show. This is something that should be looked into further as a "Cold Case"

  13. Looks like Tex has passed away too. No date listed though.


  14. Did anyone else notice that Dan's mother said she heard a car drive off after she heard the scream? I haven't seen to much being made of that.
    Also - I'm wondering what's the deal with Dan's dad? Some of the statements referred to Dan's home life as being bad and one of the people commenting here, says Dad was a tyrant. Where did this information come from?